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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Facebook blocked again...

Whether it's the govt. or the ISP, it's just a sad commentary. First off because it's really just futile. The one place where information flows quite freely is the Internet. So you block one avenue and you can be sure that someone will find a way around it shortly. The only way you could really do this is to just eliminate the Internet completely. Ummm, yeah. Good luck with that one.

The best guess is that the latest move to block Facebook is to support, the government sponsored social networking site. Here's my question, if you're trying to become a part of the global community, why block a way for people to connect with the outside world? And is creating social networking within Vietnam really the best way to encourage any sort of cultural and social growth?

Well, off to Google a way to get back on Facebook. Friend you later!

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