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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I will never forget my 1st VSVCFF (Very Short Very Cheap Film Festival)

Everyone is cranking like crazy. It is unusual. The daily briefs are either sidelined or worked on with jet speed. Colleagues have turned into competitors. That is the Very Short Very Cheap Film Festival (VSVCFF) time. I came up with a few ideas. At TBWA it is ‘our’ idea even if you have no clue about what is going on. One imparts valuable know-how. Another helps with the props. Some give free advice. The other helps with the music. I am grateful to this one person who instructs me to do everything even though I haven’t asked for it. I get a phone call before the shooting day just to ask if I’m nervous, if I can handle all the anxiety, which is just awesome. I’ll forever remember my first VSVCFF.

My talents, director, film crews, dearest mates, please take a kiss for showing love, a huge thank-you for jumping for the 20th time just to make the coolest jumping shot. I love you for burning yourself under the summer sunshine just to get the right lighting. You know what, I almost cried in happiness when receiving your email everyday just to adjust minor little things to make our film perfect. And our efforts have paid off. Our regional and worldwide creative directors send their wishes. Our film is now part the agency’s credentials for initiatives. And I’ve received much encouragement from the ones who’ve seen it. Now, get ready for the next big idea and let’s get together again. Again, muah muah.

- Nhung Nguyen, copywriter

*The Very Short Very Cheap Film Festival (VSVCFF) is a global TBWA\ initiative for its valued client partners.