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Thursday, 31 March 2011

More training!

Fiona Clancy, Disruption "Black Belt"
I have been working in TBWA for nearly 3 years, but all I know about Disruption is 3 steps: Convention, Disruption and Vision; and some case study such as Apple or Absolute. When George told me that I would go with him for Disruption training, I kept wondering why me, he should bring creative instead. But after reading Disruption book, I realized that this book for planners. This teaches you how to come up distinctive strategy. My knowledge about Disruption was improved a lot such as disruption can be applied for anything, from business, product, to communication. Disruption is not just a breakthrough idea for creative execution.

And I got more and more surprises when training. There was a big group; people came from different countries like Japan, Singapore, Korea, and Dubai…  My first impression is they look very senior which was totally different with George told me <he just wanted to make me confident…>. Some of them are regional planners, that means they don’t base in any office, their role are rolled out from different offices in the network who need their help for pitching or Disruption Day. So you can imagine how much professional they are.

The training is not to teach you about Disruption; it teaches you how to organize Disruption Day!!!!!!!!  For whom don’t know what the day is: Disruption day is kinda of brainstorm where agency and client spend a whole day or even more to solve problem for brand/company. But the problem here is very big, it affects the vision, the way cooperate run business, it has to get involved from top management. Our instructor used to run disruption day with 75 people, from marketing, brand team to finance. It will take agency a month or even more to prepare the day. During the day, participants have to gone a lot of exercises to find out the answers for problem. In the training, we were given exercise and set up the plan for Disruption Day…  Again, I never ever heard any exercises before until the training... Okie blog time is over. Now I get back to work.

-Van Anh, account manager

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  1. The best post TBWA\Vietnam has ever done. Not the boss. Not the CD. Real and signed. Real. Thank you.


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