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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Heaven And Hell

2012 Vietnam Young Lions Competition - Nov 11 - 13

9 am, 11 November 2011, we take the brief and start stepping into the hell. 10 am. Back to our room. Ideas and themelines are posted on the wall. We're looking for the really big idea. We have some thoughts but nothing really makes us fall in love yet. The clock strikes 2 am. We must decide the fate of each idea. Some are meant to be fun, but turns out to be so complicated. What about the other three ideas? Minh gets an idea. He writes down all the musts a strong idea needs as a check list and starts killing some. We begin talking, debating, listening and even keeping quiet instead of saying no to each other. 

4 am. Phew…! Eventually, some ideas cannot see the light of the day. We finally get the one that we both fall in love with. The morning after, we begin shooting and editing. We know the crafting could be better but we hope the idea can speak for itself. 
What are the feelings after we get the work done? Half proud, half terrified, I may say. On the way back from the competition, Minh and I kept jumping up and down between happy and unhappy, love and hate, win or lose and so on and so forth. In the end, we tried our very best and feel good about what we’ve done. Some ad legends have said when they have an idea, they never know how big of an idea it is until everything is done. Let’s wait and see. Fingers crossed.

Nhung Nguyen, copywriter


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