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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

What was your resolution?

Well, it's the beginning of a new year and we each have our resolutions. For some, it's to quit smoking, for others, to be nicer to others, for many, it's to eat less (and for one very lucky girl in our office, her resolution is to actually put on some weight!).

TBWA\Vietnam's resolution? We're going to make more people uncomfortable this year. And that includes ouselves. Yes, we're still going to bathe. But we're setting out to do more to make people question... well, just about everything.

We're starting with Saigon/CreativeMornings which will be hosted here at TBWA every month. It's a monthly speaker on a topic that relates to creativity. The first speaker will be actor/director/producer Dustin Nguyen who is going to discuss the balance between art and commerce - something everyone who works in the creative industries deals with every day. You can find out more about Saigon/CreativeMornings here.

We're off to find out what else we can shake up. Happy New Year, everyone.

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  1. don't have any still can't do it.


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